Business and Commercial Law

— Internal Revenue Service —

Of most concern is the IRS, which has developed a 20-factor test for determining whether someone is an employee for whom you must pay payroll taxes:

  • Do you have the right to control how the worker does the work?
  • Do you give the worker extensive instructions on how, when or where to do the work?
  • Do you provide the worker with training about procedures and methods?
  • Do you set the working hours of the worker?
  • Do you have financial control over the worker?
  • Do you reimburse the worker for business expenses?
  • Do you absorb the profit or loss from the worker’s performance?
  • How do you and the worker see your relationship?
  • Does the worker receive benefits, like health insurance or a retirement plan?
  • Do you have a written employment contract which allows you to fire the worker?
  • Does the worker have a continuing relationship with your business?
  • Is the worker paid by the hour?

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